Kindergarten left three year old behind on the bus

KindergartenKindergarten.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

On Thursday a three year old girl was left behind by  a kindergarten in Oslo on the bus between Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad.

The girl had been alone on the bus for at least 15 minutes before a concerned passenger and the bus driver took care of the girl, NRK reported.
The passenger was approached by another man who said that there was a girl sitting in the back of the bus and crying. The girl was reportedly not able to speak because she was crying, and when asked about how old she was, the girl held three fingers up in the air.

The girl was wearing a vest with the name of kindergarten, and she sat next to the passenger before he had to get off – after this the driver took care of the girl.
The kindergarten had been traveling with 16 children and five adults, but they had discovered that a child was missing until they  counted the number of children present at the outside of the bus.

– One of the adults got on a bus that arrived shortly afterwards to try to stop the other bus, without managing this. We decided that the child was to be on  the bus for the rest of the round, and be met by an adult at the final stop. The child told the staff that she had fallen asleep, then started to cry, and that the driver had taken care of her,  the team leader in the kindergarten in question says.
The team leader says this happened because an error in the routines,  for which they apologize strongly. NRK has not succeeded in getting in touch with the child’s parents.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today