Kindergarten with glass wall against dirt and trash

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Kindergarten with glass wall against dirt and trash

A kindergarten in Oslo has set up a glass wall to protect the outside area from uninvited guests, who leave behind stools, syringes and drugs.

More wants to follow suit.

Two kindergartens along the Aker River have applied to fence of their terrain, according to Aftenposten.

Today, they often meet with syringes, drugs, leftover food and excrements from both humans and animals when the kindergarten is opened in the morning. Before the children can be let outside, the adults must check that it is safe to do so.

Some of the litter is for homeless people, but the littering is getting worse during bright summer nights when the disposable grills are lit in the city’s parks and other areas.

– We want kindergartens to be accessible to the general public for normal use. But the challenge is that it is not advisable to use the outdoors after they have been littered. This is a difficult balancing act, says Director for Growing up in the district of Grünerløkka, Anita Lisbakken.

Several kindergartens use security services in the evening, but in some places, even that is not enough, she explains.

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