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King Harald making the rounds in Rogaland

King HaraldKing Harald.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix


Gjesdal and Bjerkreim received a visit from King Harald on Tuesday for the first time since his time on the throne. Despite gray weather, the king was in a great mood.


The royal couple arrived at the Gjesdal Youth School, Tuesday morning, where King Harald was received by the rector Trond Niemi, Gjesdal city major, Frode Fjeldsbø (Ap), county governor Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa and pupils from all over the municipality. Through a varied cultural program at the school, the king gained insight into the everyday life of the locals, which is what he appreciates the most when traveling around Norway.

On their way from one municipality to another, there was a stop for lunch in Lokstallen in Ålgård. Children from all the kindergartens in Gjesdal stood outside and sang to the king.

There were guests from both Gjesdal and Bjerkreim municipalities at the lunch before continuing on to the program in Bjerkreim. Where there was more sport and culture, most outdoors. The king will cut the ribbon and open the new sports stadium at Vikeså.

The royal couple has 58 municipalitiesleft to visit in Norway, which they have said is a goal they have set and are going to accomplish.


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