King Harald: – We have a great deal to celebrate

King Harald.PhotoKing Harald.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

In a time of less freedom, we have once again been reminded of how dependent we are on fellowship, King Harald said in his speech on VE day.

VE day, 75 years ago, was one of the happiest days in Norwegian history, King Harald stated.

“We should have celebrated this day across the country. Instead, paradoxically, our freedom has been restricted. We cannot mark the day exactly the way we had wished. Still, we have a great deal to celebrate and be grateful for today,” he said.

Today we have a society of democracy and trust, he pointed out.

“Much of this was missing from us during the war years. And all this is still a distant dream for a large part of the world’s population to this day. That’s why we have good reason to recall the celebrations of May 1945,” King Harald said.

He also recalled how important it is that we build each other up.

“Once again we have been reminded of how dependent we are on our small and large communities. We should bring out the best in each other, so that everyone can contribute in their own way to strengthen our country for the future.”

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