Feels that Norway has become Uncle Scrooge

Uncle ScroogeKing Harald.photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The King feels that Norway has become Uncle Scrooge

HM King Harald compares Norway’s oil fund with Uncle Scrooge’s vault. At the same time, he believes it is important that our wealth is not distributed too unevenly.

“We have become richer than we have ever imagined. We have become Uncle Scrooge, we, are a country with a lot of money. This makes us attractive to many since they want our large oil fund to invest with them,” says the King in a large interview with Dagens Næringsliv.

He still thinks it is unfamiliar to see rich billionaires with their own jets in Norway.

“It’s their money, and they should spend it as they please. We had riches before the war too, but not everyone was ambitious like Bør Børson. Many were low key, and we didn’t know much about them. Some of them still exist, today. And then there are those who are the complete opposite and want to spend their money on things they love,” the King elaborates.

He thinks we have been good at leveling the differences herein this country.

“One must always expect that there are differences in society, but it is important that the differences do not become too large,” he continues.

The King also reiterates previous assurances that he will never leave the throne as long as he lives.

It has become a tradition in this country that we keep on “to the bitter end”, he tells DN.

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