King and Queen: A warm thank you to the Norwegian people

Norwegian People, King, Queen, LogoHM King Harald and HM Queen Sonja 80th Anniversary, Photo: The Royal Court, Collage: Norway Today media

King Harald and Queen Sonja warmly thanked the Norwegian people in their speech after the feast at the Opera.

The Royal Couple chose to hold the speech together. That way they would mark that it’s a celebration that applies to them as a couple. They emphasized their love of the Norwegian People.



– It starts to look like a life, the King said, quoting the Norwegian artist Ole Paus.

– Today I most of all feel gratitude, he continued.

The King described that life had been filled with joys and adversities, both of a personal and national character, but what he left with is the feeling of being a very lucky person.

The Queen described how it was going to go from an anonymous existence to being part of the Royal family and how she managed to combine the role as a Queen to remaining herself.

– That the King and I are standing here today is the result of a long journey through resistance, love, frustration, friendship, humour – and a solid dash of stubbornness!  She said.

Sports idiot and walks fanatic

The two also devoted time to describe some of their dearest hobbies. The Queen described herself as a fanatic for going on walks, and how she yearns for Norwegian art and culture. The King called himself a “sports idiot”.

– Fortunately, sport is such an important part of Norway that it also becomes a natural part of a King’s work. And fortunately it turned out that it was possible to be king without having to jump on skis! Because that really worried me! The King said, to great laughter and applause from the guests.

Thanked each other

The Royal Couple rounded the speech by warmly thanking each other for the support they have been to one another.

– I would not have been able to do this without my wife for almost 50 years by my side. Today I will therefore say a warm thank you to the Queen, King Harald said.

The Queen responded:
– I want this evening to send a warm thank you to the King – even though he once called me a troll!

– Because he has given me the space to shape the role in a sense that makes sense to me, she said.

And together they concluded the speech by giving thanks to people and country.

A warm thank you to our people!

Thank you very much for the gift!


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today