Kirkenes: Seventh grader and his mother killed

Kirkenes elementary schoolKirkenes elementary school.Photo: Ole-Tommy Pedersen /Finnmarken / NTB scanpix

One student in the seventh grade and the boy’s mother was shot and killed in Kirkenes on Monday night,  Headmaster of Kirkenes primary school, Tove Korsnes, said to the newspaper iFinnmark.

Two people were shot dead and one seriously injured in Kirkenes on Monday night.One of those shot dead was a seventh grader, the other was the child’s mother. The one seriously injured was the child’s stepfather,  Korsnes said.

– Students have been told that there has been a family tragedy. That a seventh grader from this school and his mother is dead and that the stepfather is severely injured, Korsnes  said to iFinnmark.
The municipal crisis team in Kirkenes is  at school on Monday morning and takes care of teachers and students.
Leader of the prosecution, Morten Daae confirms the information from the principal at the elementary school.
– We are trying to get an overview of the situation and ensure that we notify everyone who should be notified. We are careful about what we are going to tell, because we want to ensure that all the families are notified, said Daae.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today