Kirkenes: – The woman wanted to be out of the marriage

KirkenesKirkenes.Light and flowers in front of the House where the mother and son (12) was killed.Photo: Ole-Tommy Pedersen / Finnmarken / NTB scanpix

The woman who was shot and killed in Kirkenes was scheduled to move into the shelter Monday.

The 37 years old woman and her son (12), who had Thai nationality, were found severely injured in an apartment between 4 to 5 O’clock on Monday morning and both died shortly after. Stepfather (59) of 12 years old boy was also severely injured in the apartment.

He was brought to hospital in Tromsø by air ambulance and is now charged in the case.

University Hospital of North Norway says to NTB that the man is seriously injured, but the condition is stable and not life threatening.

Fear from breakup may lie behind the double murder in Kirkenes on Monday night, reports NRK. The 37 years old woman wanted to be out of the marriage with the man who is now charged, police said.

The man has been reported for violence

A close friend of the woman told VG that last week he brought the 37 years old woman to the shelter before they went to the police to report the man for psychological violence.
Nora Centre in Kirkenes confirms to NRK that the deceased woman was in contact with center prior to the murder.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today