Kjerstin Owren becomes bullying ombudsman in Oslo

Kjerstin OwrenKjerstin Owren.Photo: Oslo kommune / Sturlason / NTB scanpix

Oslo is the first municipality in the country that hires a bully ombudsman. Kjerstin Owren to prevent bullying in kindergartens, primary and secondary education schools.

– First and foremost, I will be children and pupils’ representative in Oslo, and I will be available for counseling and monitoring for difficult cases of bullying for those in need, says Kjerstin Owren.

Owren educated as lecturers and had previously the position as teaching inspector at Holmlia school.

– She is a very competent person who has the experience and qualities necessary for this position, says Oslo Mayor Marianne Borgen, who has led the appointments committee.

Giving Ombudsman is appointed for a fixed term for a period of six years. Ombudsman’s city council ombudsman for kindergarten children and students in the community and will work regardless of the administrative and political management of the municipality.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today