Bjorn Kjos: – It has been absolutely terrible

Norwegian-owner Bjorn KjosNorwegian-owner Bjorn Kjos .Photo: Norwegian

Norwegian-owner Bjorn Kjos apologize to all passengers who have not gone on vacation so far this summer. However, he could not promise that there will not be more cancellations.

At a press conference Thursday morning Kjos pointed among other things, to strikes in aviation in France, which has affected all flights over French airspace. They have come on top of crew shortages, he pointed out.

– When we have low staffing levels and there are simultaneous strikes in France that is when things go wrong, said Kjos.
Norwegian lacks the crew because of two reasons, explains Kjos. First, too few pilot courses were planned. It was discovered in December, but it takes time from the courses are planned until the pilots are ready.

Moreover, the agreement for the sale of holidays has been dismissed after 14 years.
– That we had not taken into account, says Kjos.

The Norwegian-owner says they will guide and train 275 new pilots this year.
The Norwegian-management and the pilots’ union Parat on Wednesday agreed on a new overtime agreement concerning this year. The parties have also agreed that there should be appointed at least 50 new pilots in Scandinavia.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today