We must seek that which unites KrF

Krf Bollestad Christian DemocratsCounty leader in Rogaland, Tore Johan Øvstebø, and Deputy Leader, Olaug Bollestad. Photo: KrF.

We must seek that which unites the Christian Democrats (KrF)

Olaug Bollestad believes the bourgeois Government platform is steeped with good Christian Democratic (KrF) policy. She encourages the party members to stand together after the choice of what is the straight and narrow.

“For the first time since KrF entered the Norwegian Government together with the Conservatives, the Progress Party and the Liberals, Interim Party Leader, Olaug Bollestad,” tells to about 400 party members at their Country Conference on Saturday.

“Although the art of negotiation is about to give and take, I hope you see solid evidence of KrF in the political project we have agreed upon. We have negotiated a platform that has a clear foundation on our Christian and humanistic heritage,” Bollestad emphasises as she speaks at the KrF Country Conference.

Must Unite

The Interim Party Leader does not hide the fact that the party has been through an intense period characterised by choice of bedmates and the ensuing Government negotiations. Asked about how the party should find together after this intense period – where some have highlighted that it will be difficult to conduct an election campaign, Bollestad answers:

“Then it is important that we highlight that which unite us. What unites us is our policy and our political project. That’s what induces pride and commitment. We must now do that job. That we agree on. We, therefore, must do just that,” Bollestad tells NTB.

Leadership Puzzle

Behind the scene of the country conference, there is also a job of solving the leadership puzzle. Deputy Leader, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, is still the hottest candidate as the next Party Leader of KrF, with open backing from Olaug Bollestad and four counties.

The interim Party Leader has previously answered to questions whether she is ready to continue in the role, that she will not abdicate, and is ready to take on any task the party wish for her. she has, at the same time, promoted Ropstad as the next Permanent Leader of KrF.

Defuses the Leader debate

Bollestad admits to Vårt Land that her previous statements may have been ambiguous. On straight questions from the newspaper whether she, is a candidate on a permanent basis, Bollestad responds:

“No, I have pointed to Ropstad and he should become KrF’s next Leader,” Bollestad opinionates. She was, naturally, the first speaker during the Conference at Gardermoen.

Four county councils have also flagged that they will support Ropstad.

The election will take place at the National Assembly between the 26th and 28th of April, but the counties will provide input to the nomination committee by February 1st, ie Friday week.

NTB is aware that Knut Arild Hareide, despite the defeat in the battle for the party’s future cohesion, wants to continue as the Parliamentary Leader when the Parliament group is to be constituted.

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