Krf will remove customs duty on retailers

Kjell Ingolf RopstadKjell Ingolf Ropstad (Christian People's Party) Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

When the Kristelig Folkeparti (Krf), who are now negotiating with the government on cooperation and budget, sit down for talks, removing the limit of 350 kroner for duty-free imports will be one of the topics.


This was confirmed by their Deputy leader, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad,who will lead the negotiations with the Right, Left and Frp,reported Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

“One of the key priorities on the revenue side is to remove the 350-krone limit.We will drive very hard on the negotiations.Both because we believe that it is really important, but it will also provide coverage’’ said Ropstad.

KrF expects an annual increase of NOK 750 million in VAT revenues by eliminating the duty-free import limit, allowing people to pay VAT from the first krone. Basically, it is the majority in parliament who want to remove the border,but KrF had previously secured a majority to keep it in June.Now they turn totally.

KrF is also positive to reduce the income tax rate for companies and individuals, and to reduce the wealth tax on working capital such as tractors and other machines.

The party also wishes to adjust the sugar fee as suggested in the spring,because high-sugar beverages receive high taxes,while low-sugar beverages receive a low fee.

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