Kripos worried about the increase of network based sexual abuse

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Kripos (The National Criminal Investigation Service) is concerned about the increase of online attacks. Last year there were 1,195 such sexual abuse cases in Norway, a newly published report said.


Only ten people were behind the over a thousand cases, which had 520 unique assaults, wrote VG.

‘’A perpetrator can reach very many victims. Often it is not the insulted that notifies of such cases because many of them are children.The police must trace the perpetrator, which requires great resources and may be at the expense of other things.It worries us,’’ said the head of the rape section of Kripos, Ann Kristin Grosberghaugen, to VG newspaper.

In cases involving rape online, it is often unknown perpetrators who contact casual victims.

The report “The Violence Situation in Norway 2017” also revealed that the number of reported physical rapes with offenders under 14 years old increased by 11% from 2016 to 2017. In 45% of cases,a family relationship between the perpetrator and the child existed,and in 61% of the cases, the father or carer was responsible.

The report also showed that party-related rapes are still the largest category of those reported, and the number of unknown attacker assaults is lower than ever.


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