Labour Leader Jonas Gahr Støre drops refugee target


While Labour Leader Jonas Gahr Støre said two years ago that Norway should receive 10,000 refugees, he now emphasizes that we must assess the situation.

When the refugee and migrant crisis was at its peak, Støre was adamant that Norway should receive 10,000 refugees – spread over two years – which became part of the framework for the debate. Now the party leader is far vaguer in his formulation, according to Aftenposten

– In principle, I am for this manner of accepting refugees because it is controlled and does not create chaos on the borders.

– But the number must be seen in the light of the receiving apparatus in the municipalities and the overall situation in Europe, Støre says, just as the party convenes for a national congress.

The program committee even suggests that the current phrase that Norway should receive at least 1,500 so-called quota refugees should be removed from the new program.

Here too, the proposed phrase is rounder and more diffuse, namely that “the number of quota refugees must be assessed at any time against the recommendations of the UN, against how many asylum seekers who come to the country and the possibilities for rapid and good integration in Norway”.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today