The Labour Party refuses to tell about warnings

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The Labour Party refuses to say how many notifications they have received

While the other parties are open about the number of warning cases, the Labour Party withholds the information. The reason is consideration towards the whistle blowers they claim.


 – Our concern is first and foremost that those affected should get the least media attention and peace of mind. We are going to treat matters with the utmost confidentiality. Therefore, we will not regularly report to the media about the number of notifications we receive, says party secretary Kjersti Stenseng to NRK.

The Conservatives believes openness about the number makes it easier for whistle blowers, according to Secretary-General John-Ragnar Aarset:

– This is a clean up job, in the Conservatives and the youth party. And it is our hope that those who have had unpleasant experiences in our organization will approach us now, says Aarset to NRK.

In Labour they have the opposite approach.

– I believe that ensuring the best possible calm, anonymity and confidentiality helps reduce the threshold to inform, says Party Secretary Stenseng.

Cases by Party, excluding Labour

The Conservatives and their youth organization head the list of alerts for the time being:

  • The Conservatives: 21 warnings concerning twelve persons.
  • The Progress Party: 5 (In addition to cases involving Ulf Leirstein)
  • The Centre Party : 5
  •  The Liberals: 3
  • The Socialist Party: 2
  • The Christian Democrats: 1
  • The Green Party: 1
  • Red: 0


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