Labour wants to change the law due to NAS

Norwegian crew Parat Supreme Court NASNorwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) Crew. Photo: Norwegian

Labour wants to change the law after NAS verdict

The Labour Party wish to change the Working Environment Act after Norwegian (NAS) cabin crews lost their lawsuit against the airline.


The Labour Party (Ap)will present a proposal in the Norwegian Parliament on Thursday,  Employment Spokesperson for the Labour Party, Arild Grande, announces.

– It’s a scandal that we have Norwegian employers who want to have full control over pay and working hours but do not want to take employer responsibility and that the Working Environment Act opens up for it to happen, Grande tells Dagens Perspektiv (Today’s Perspective), who first mentioned the matter.

Grande is crystal clear that the verdict must lead to legislative changes. In the proposal to the Parliament it is stated:

The Parliament asks the Government to submit a proposal of an amendment of the Working Environment Act which clarifies that the entity in charge of management and is de facto the employer, is also responsible for duties and rights as an employer under the Working Environment Act.

Employees of Norwegian lost in the Supreme Court on Wednesday after a lengthy trial regarding whether or not the parent company has the employer responsibility.

NAS Not responsible

According to the Supreme Court, the parent company Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) does not have the employer responsibility for pilots and cabin crews in the airline.

Through extensive reorganization over several years, employers’ responsibility for pilots and cabin crews has been moved from the parent company NAS and to further down in the group structure.

The YS Trade Union, Parat, believes that Norwegian removes employer responsibility through an organizational form that pulverises the responsibilities of the employees, and has announced that they will take the case further, ie to the Parliament.

The Socialists (SV) and Red have announced that they too will follow up the verdict with proposals for legislative amendments.


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