Drone used after a landslide in Orkdal

landslide house orkdalA residential house has slid off its foundations after a landslide in Råbygda in Orkdal. One person, a tenant, is found dead. Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

Drone used after a landslide in Orkdal, tenant perished

Crime technicians and geologists are in place on the site where a landslide has hit a residential house in Orkdal, Trøndelag. One person perished in the slide.

The police received notification of the landslide, which was around 60–70 metres long and 30 wide, at 3.23 pm on Saturday. One person was first reported as missing. Just after 10 pm, the police reports that the missing person is found dead.

The dwelling that was taken by the landslide slid off its foundations, and the basement was buried under the masses of earth. The site will be investigated by experts today.

“Crime technicians are on their way to the area as part of the investigation. They will investigate the landslide area using a drone. During the morning, geologists will also arrive in order to investigate whether there is a danger of further slides,” Operational Manager in the Trøndelag Police District, Wenche Johnsen, tells NTB.

Not a densely populated area

The police searched for the missing person using a rescue dog where possible. Bulldozer and excavator are demolishing parts of the house. This in order for the crews to gain access to search areas.

The house that is taken by the landslide, is not located in a densely populated area, according to Johnsen.

“It is a good distance between the houses in this area. It is not a particularly densely populated area. There is, therefore, no immediate danger to nearby houses. It is also not forecasted any rainfall today. We view that as a positive sign with regards to further slides,” she explains.

Got out in the neck of time

The deceased person is supposedly a tenant, according to NRK.

There were two persons inside the house when the landslide occurred. The other person got out in time and notified the police about it.

“He is physically unharmed and he knew the deceased,” Johnsen continues.

The police further state that they will go public with more information regarding the landslide on Monday.

“The relatives are very deeply affected by what has happened. For their sake, we will not yet go public with the identity of the deceased,” the Operations Manager concludes.

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