Large portion of young women harassed by drunken men


Four out of ten young women have experienced unwarranted sexual advances or have felt threatened by an intoxicated man in the last year.

These are the figures that come from an inquiry conducted by the research company Respons Analyse on behalf of the alcohol awareness organization Av og Til (once in a while).

– Stop harassing women when under the influence. Drunkenness is not an excuse, is Kari Brink’s solicitation to men who loose control of themselves when intoxicated.

Brink is the CEO of Av og Til

The survey shows that 29 per cent of Norwegian women between the age of18 and 34 have experienced unwarranted sexual advances from intoxicated men for the past twelve months. 14 percent say they have perceived as being threatened by a drunken man.

The figures worries Brink- She thinks that if you can not behave under the influence, you should refrain from consuming alcohol.

– Now it’s time to say enough is enough to the men who don’t behave when they drink. If you Can’t behave, shelve the bottle, she states.

Although most men behave decently, there are still too many men who think that they can blame their behaviour on being drunk. That excuse is as valid as retaining water in a sieve, says Brink.

– This is about attitude. It’s about women and common decency, but also about the attitude of what is to be expected when you drink alcohol. Alcohol is never a valid excuse to misbehave, she emphasizes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today