Huge shortage of priests in the Norwegian Church

Large priest shortage in the Norwegian ChurchIllustration.Myre church. Photo Wikipedia,

Dioceses across the country are struggling with few applicants for available positions for priests . This has lead to several positions now beinh vacant. Many priests are retiring, and few young people want to become priests.
– In the recent period we have had vacant positions in several times, and we are struggling to get applicants to the places that are more sparsely populated,  HR manager Trond Glimsdal in Hamar diocese  says to NRK.
He believes the situation makes the church vulnerable, and  that the lack of priests means that several important tasks of the church  are not being given enough attention.
– It affects the church work, and other tasks that should have been done, now suffer, he says.
The church have noticed  the same tendency  all over the country. Thursday this week  HR managers in all the country’s eleven dioceses had a  meeting where they discussed the situation.
– The situation is the bleakest in North and- South Hålogaland diocese, but even Stavanger, which has always had good applicants, are now struggling more than ever before, says Glimsdal.
Glimsdal points to several reasons that the lack of priests is now so great. There has also been some major changes in recent years, like the repealing of the residence requirements for priests and new working arrangements.
– But I still think the main reason is that many priests now retiring, while at the same time too few new priests are graduating, he says.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Udonu Simon | 31. March 2016 at 00:10 |

    I am willing to come and become a priest in Norway if I am accepted, because I have the zeal to work in God’s vineyard.

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