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Large rock slide over climbing route in the mountains of Setesdal

rock fall landslide can tumble down rock slideRock fall, Photo:

Large rock slide over climbing route in the mountains of Setesdal

It’s been a major rock slide in Nomedalsfjellet in Valle, East Agder. The slide has crossed a climbing route, but nothing suggests that anybody have been involved.


The air ambulance was sent to start searching the area. The crew reported that a rock slide has affected the established climbing route, according to the Agder Police. The route is a so-called via Ferrata, a climbing trail that is permanently secured, usually with steel rods being inserted along the entire track up the mountain side.

– It is absolutely unreal that it’s been a rock fall here. Fortunately nothing suggests that there were people on the trail when the rock fall happened, says Arne Bakke to the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen. Bakke is supervisor of the ‘via Ferrata’ – guiding tourists on this trail

The notification of the slide was made just before 11am on Saturday morning. The air ambulance ended the search an hour later, and reported that no observations had been found indicating that anybody was taken by the rock fall.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today

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