Large Seizures of alcohol

Large Seizure of Alcohol. Photo: Tolletaten

Large Seizures of alcohol

There have been two large seizures of alcohol near the Swedish border.


Stopped with 15,000 liters alcohol

The Norwegian driver (39) had not declared the load of 15,000 liters of alcohol when he was stopped at Svinesund on Sunday afternoon.

The customs officers uncovered 15 pallets containing a total of 11 753 liters of beer, five pallets containing a total of 3 600 liters of wine and two pallets containing 1 441 liters of mineral water during a control of a truck. The customs seizure amounts to NOK 1 million in unpaid taxes to the treasury.

The driver was taken care of by officers from the East Police District after the customs control.


Smuggled 1228 liters of alcohol

One smuggler ran into the woods near Halden, but the customs and police arrested two men soon after.

Tollere from Svinesund saw two Swedish registered cars in Halden in the afternoon and evening of October 28. The customs officers suspected smuggling and eventually overhauld one car. When the driver realized that a customs patrol was behind, he stopped the car and ran into to the woods. Customs found a lot of alcohol in the car.

Shortly thereafter, a police patrol arrested two Lithuanian citizens in a Volvo V70. The car was several times observed driving together with the car containing the alcohol.

The customs found 1 053 liters of beer, 89 liters of wine and 86 liters of liquor in the car. The customs clearance would have amount to NOK 105,000 in taxes.


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