A large tree fell over in a park in Oslo

Big threeOslo. Big three.Photo: Ørn Borgen / NTB scanpix

Strong winds up rooted a large tree in the middle of Sofienberg Park in Oslo, Friday afternoon.


It was raining heavily with strong winds around 16:00 in Oslo this past Friday, which was when the police were called about the fallen tree. Other places in the Oslo area also reported that trees had fallen over roads and roofs due to the intense winds.

“The emergency services prioritize and drive out to the various incidents according to severity,” the Oslo police said.

It was not only in Oslo that the wind caused problems on Friday. During the bicycle race, ‘Arctic Race’ local hopeful, August Jensen and his bicycle was blown off the road by a forceful sidewind between Tana and Kjøllefjord, writes Procycling.no. He walked away with scratches on his back, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.


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