Largest unemployment numbers among immigrants

Immigrants earn significantly less than NorwegiansOSLO.Immigrants.Photo: Morten Holm / Scanpix

Unemployment among immigrants was 5.4 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to figures from Statistics Norway. It is far more than in the population as a whole.

The figures from Statistics Norway show that a total of 62,433 completely unemployed persons were registered in the fourth quarter last year. This corresponds to 2.3 percent of the workforce. If immigrants are kept away from the statistics, unemployment in the population is 1.6 percent, according to figures from Statistics Norway.

Unemployment among immigrants alone at 5.4 percent is thus more than twice as high as in the total population. Statistics Norway does not have comparable figures from earlier, since changes introduced by Nav in 2018 meant that the figures from before the fourth quarter cannot be included in the statistics.

Among immigrants, unemployment is highest among Africans, with 10 percent, while among Asian immigrants the unemployment rate is at 6.2 percent. The lowest unemployment rate is among immigrants from the Nordic countries and North America / Oceania, where unemployment is 2.3 percent for both groups.

A total of 25,001 immigrants were registered as completely unemployed in the fourth quarter. Of these, 12,929 were men and 12,072 were women.

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