Last day for studded tyres in the North

studded tiresStudded tires.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

The last day for drivers in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark to replace the tyres is Monday 30th of April. Otherwise, they may have to pay 500 kroner in fees.

Thus, the same rules enter into force as in the rest of Norway. However, there may still be conditions  indicating the use of stud tyres, an assessment the driver himself has to take.

– There may still be a danger of cold and frost during the night in some places, especially higher up. It is regardless  the driver’s responsibility to equip the car after the conditions, and we know that winter conditions can occur even in May in some areas of the country, “says Jeanette Tennefoss, car insurance director of Tryg Forsikring, in a press release.

It is emphasized that it will still be allowed to drive with normal winter tyres.

However, Tryg Forsikring warns against the extra braking distance and the poorer drainage of rainwater that comes with such a solution.

– Standard winter tyres have far worse road grips than summer tires, especially on wet roads. Even on dry roads, the brake length will be considerably longer with  winter tyres than with summer tyres. This can be fatal if you have to brake suddenly, “said Tennefoss in Monday’s press release.


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