Laundry found human foot in washing machine

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When employees at Nor Tekstil AS in Trondheim were to empty a washing machine on Thursday, a cut off human foot appeared.

The laundremat receives laundry from, for example,hospitals and health institutions, and a message was immediately sent out to the various institutions with the somewhat special question as to whether someone was missing one foot wrote VG newspaper.

The response did not occur until St. Olav’s hospital forwarded the message to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

‘’We realised it had to be about our foot’’ said head of department, Torstein Baade Rø, of the Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine.

The foot is an embalmed foot from a man who had donated his body for teaching. It is partially dissected to be used for educational purposes.

Baade Bø will now send an apology to the staff at the laundry.

He called the incident a routine failure and explained that the human parts are stored in sheets which are replaced regularly and sent to the wash. So by accident, the foot had followed.

The police confirmed to the newspaper that they have been told about the discovery, but have not discovered anything criminal. The management of Nor-Tekstil do not want to comment on the case as it is a customer relationship.

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