Lauvås reports Head of Animal Welfare

Mink fur farmers cage mink farm lauvåsMink are kept in small cages to satisfy the demand of the fur industry. A ban is proposed on all fur farming in Norway. Photo: Alf Ove Hansen / Scanpix

Lauvås reports Head of Animal Welfare Committee to the police

“Mink farmer, Per Olaf Lauvås, reports the Head of the Norwegian Animal Welfare Committee in Rogaland to the police,” the farmer’s lawyer, Arvid Sjødin, tells the newspaper Nationen.

The notification will be submitted to the Southwest Police District on Friday.

“To understand the error in the matter and to seek changes, it is important to investigate the leaders of a control function which doesn’t work as it should,” lawyer Arvid Sjødin tells. Nationen.

“We ask that the leader be investigated and will, therefore, report him to the police,” Sjødin continues.

The animal welfare committees are part of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FSA) and assist in the local supervision with what the FSA calls «lay assessment».

“The relevant Head of the Animal Welfare Committee in Rogaland doesn’t wish to comment on the police report,” the Press Contact of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority informs NTB.



Factual errors in the welfare report

the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has previously reported about malnourished animals at Lauvås’ mink farm. It subsequently recommended changes to the feed or liquidation of operations.

Lauvås has 9,600 mink at his farm in Sandnes.

A few weeks ago, the fur farmer – in cooperation with the Norwegian National broadcaster, NRK – revealed that an FSA report, dating from June 2018, was filled with factual errors. This was done by means of video and telephone recordings.

The FSA has admitted to the errors.

The Director of the Food Safety Authority, Harald Gjein, has resigned as a consequence. The FSA has also initiated its own surveys regarding the supervision of the mink farmer. Additionally, an investigation group shall be set up to map the FSA’s use of animal welfare committees.

Lauvås reported the FSA to the police

Mink farmer, Per Olaf Lauvås, has previously reported the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to the police. This report was shelved by the police in February. The police have, however, changed their mind in the past week, and state that they will investigate the matter after all.

The issue arises at the same time as the fur industry is under heavy pressure, as the four government parties agree that the industry shall be wound up by February 1st, 2025.

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