Lawyer believes the party fine verdict in Bergen could have major consequences for corona fines

John Christian EldenPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Pool / NTB

According to defense lawyer John Christian Elden, after the party fine ruling in Bergen, all party fines issued during the pandemic should be apologized for and revoked.

On Wednesday, two women were acquitted for arranging and participating in a party last year. They do not have to pay fines, the newspaper Bergens Tidende writes.

At the time the party was arranged, it was not allowed to have more than five people gather in private gatherings in Bergen, but there were at least 14 participants at the party.

The women thought the rules were not well enough justified in terms of infection control. The Gulating Court of Appeal agreed with them. The court believes that the relevant regulations on this point went beyond what the City Council could decide in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act.

Thus, the basis for the fines was deemed invalid, and the defendants were acquitted, according to the Court of Appeal.

Waiting for the verdict to become final

Defense attorney John Christian Elden defended one of the two women. He told the newspaper Bergensavisen that he shares the court’s criticism of the Municipality. He argues that all party fines in the Municipality must be lifted if the verdict is upheld.

“The prosecution should now revoke all other fines and apologize for the inconvenience if this unanimous verdict becomes final,” Elden told the newspaper.

“A similar assessment must be made nationally and for other cities that have adopted a number limit (for gatherings) in private homes and companies,” Elden told NTB.

Health Councilor Beate Husa, City Council chief Roger Valhammer, and Chief Medical Officer Trond Egil Hansen were among the summoned witnesses in the trial.

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