Laxatives being used for weight loss


During the last six years, the sales of laxatives has increased by 27 percent. Pharmacy staff say that girls as young as the age of 16 are using them as diet pills for weight loss.

The increased growth in sales figures are from the Pharmacy Association. Medical Technical Director, Steinar Madsen from the Norwegian Medical Agency told the newspaper Dagbladet that pharmacies should not sell laxatives if they suspect that the pills are being misused.

– We know that the laxitives can be misused by people who have problems with eating disorders, and if it is misused over a long period, there are side effects.

A person could potentially destroy their bowel function, says Madsen.

– There are people with gastrointestinal problems that need laxatives. Often older people, not young. To have it so easily available in pharmacies is totally misunderstood, he says.

Madsen says the rules have already improved and that only small packages are available without a prescription.

– To be able to purchase laxatives without a prescription is useful for many. After making the rules were made more stringent, there are far more who have obtained a prescription for laxatives.

That it is under the control of a doctor was part of the more stringent rules. Nevertheless, a new system is being considered, where drugs will be available without prescription, but you must consult with a pharmacist before receiving any medication, he explains.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today