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Sensitive information about people leaked due to hacking

NCIS Kripos leaked murdersKripos (NCIS) . Photo:


Information about Norwegians are leaked due to hacking of a clinic in Lithuania

Person-sensitive information about Norwegian citizens is leaked out after a plastic surgery clinic in Lithuania has been hacked, Kripos says.


Several Norwegian patients have been contacted to pay money.

“If you have been approached, we never recommend paying as there is no guarantee that the extortioners do what they promise, Kripos writes on their Facebook page.

Kripos also recommends that those who have been approached to pay money to contact their local police.

 – Keep relevant information about how you were contacted by the blackmailer and which Bitcoin address was submitted for payment, writes Kripos.

 When a person find their name, related to the info leaked out in Google’s search engine, the police recommend that you ask Google to remove personal information from the search engine. Kripos has posted a link to the correct form.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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