At least 1,200 exposed to ID theft from Bærum

PoliceIllustration.Police.Photo: Norway Today Media

A man and a woman from the area are charged with online identity theft from over a thousand victims. Police have made significant seizures, including a full uniform from Posten.

ID thefts have occurred in mailboxes that are emptied of letters, including credit card and other sensitive parcels.

The thieves also set up several mailboxes of their own to receive orders in someone else’s name and made copies of keys. Other methods which the police did not elaborate were also used.

– We also have two full postal uniforms and a security guard uniform that is seized; said police officer Christian Aaserud which is the main investigator in the case to the newspaper Budstikka.

Both businesses and individuals are among the victims, and not everyone knows about the thefts yet. Now the police have sent out questionnaires to all the victims.

– A few hundred of the victims are from Asker and Bærum, but the whole of central eastern Norway is affected said police Chief Thor Upsahl at Bærum police.

On Bærum police station, police have piles of letters, systematized binders with cards and drivers’ licenses, keys and other important belongings.

A woman (30) and a man (29) from the area are charged in the case and were remanded in custody on the 18th of August.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today