At least 27 cases of the measles in Sweden


Another measles case has been discovered in the Västra Götaland region of Sweden. The number of infected persons thus rises to 27.


“We will not go into the details of the individual cases, our focus is to link those infected so to get an overview of the ongoing outbreak and tracing the movement around that person is just one of the tasks in line with the routines we have,” says Birgitta Arnholm, a lawyer in charge of the measles infection in the area.

The outbreak started a month ago when a visitor from southern Europe with measles sought help at the health services in Gothenburg. As a result of the outbreak, children from age one in the region are being offered the vaccination against the measles, six months earlier than usual.

Mostly, the outbreak is centered in the Gothenburg area, but a new case has been found north of Halland, since a Gothenburg resident works in Kungsbacka has come down with the measles.

The incubation time for measles is 7 to 18 days. It is a highly contagious viral disease that in some cases can lead to serious complications and, at worst, death. Measles takes the lives of at least nine children in Norway annually, according to Norwegian Health Informatics.


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