At least 36 ISIS members killed by ‘Mother of all Bombs’

‘Mother of all Bombs’‘Mother of all Bombs’ (Mark Kulaw/Northwest Florida Daily News via AP)

At least 36 ISIS militants were killed by the 10 ton bomb dropped by the US over a tunnel construction east of Kabul in Afghanistan on Thursday night, Afghan officials claim.

– Importantly, as a result of the bombing, ISIS hideouts and extensive underground facilities were destroyed and 36 fighters were killed, according to a statement from the Afghan Ministry of Defence on Friday.

Afghan officials deny that civilian lives were lost in the US attack.

The attack was carried out in the Nangarhar province in the east of Afghanistan. The target was a tunnel complex which is allegedly used by ISIS.

The bomb dropped by the US, goes by the nickname ‘Mother of all Bombs’ and is the largest conventional bomb that the United States has ever used in an attack. According to the Pentagon the bomb, which has the type designation GBU-43, contains almost 10 metric tons of explosives and weighs about 11 metric tonnes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today