At least 46 reindeer killed by train at Rørosbanen

At least 46 reindeer killedGlåmos.At least 46 reindeer killed.Photo : Elin Viken / NTB scanpix

At least 46 reindeer died when a train on Rørosbanen in the Glåmos area ran into the herd.

The train drivers notified police about the animal tragedy.

It is uncertain exactly how many of the animals died in the collision, but the scope is certainly large, according to the South Trøndelag Police District.

The incident took place around 8 o’clock on Saturday evening. Police have notified the animals’ owner. The owner and the Railway Service were at the clean-up on Saturday night at the place where the collision took place.

‘Viltnemnda were also notified, so they could quickly get there to euthanise the animals that were injured’, said Arnt-Harald Aaslund of the South Trøndelag Police District.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today