At least 950 attacks on Muslims in Germany last year

mosquesIllustration: Mosques. Photo

At least 950 attacks on Muslims, and against mosques or other Islamic institutions were registered in Germany last year, showed an overview from the German authorities.


At least 33 people were injured in these attacks, reported the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a report that was referred to by German media on Saturday.

Almost all attacks were carried out by people associated with right-wing extremist groups.

60 were attacks or vandalism directed at mosques and other Islamic institutions, such as pork fat smeared over buildings.

Other examples are hateful slogans and protests against Muslims, Nazi symbols were tagged on mosques, there were attempts to set fire to houses where Muslims lived, threatening letters were sent, and physical attacks against Muslim women wearing hijabs. In addition, there were more violent attacks on Muslims.

Aiman Mazyek, leader of the central council of Muslims in Germany, said to the newspaper, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, that he is sure that there have been many more attacks than the authorities have registered.

The German authorities only began to register attacks against Muslims in 2017, so there are no comparable figures from previous years.


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