At least eleven deer killed by loose dogs in Oslo

deer killedDeer killed: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The municipality of Oslo introduced extraordinary laws on leashing dogs in most of the municipality on January the 19th. Yet at least eleven deer have been killed by stray dogs after the introduction.


The extraordinary leashing laws were introduced due to high snow levels and thus extraordinary conditions for the deer.

“The difficult snow conditions mean that deer and moose go near to buildings, ski slopes and roads where it is easier to get around and find food. Here the animals will easily end up in stressful situations with traffic, people and especially loose dogs.

The animals are hungry and weak, and hunting and disturbances can mean that they are under stress, said special consultant and biologist, Tea Turtumøygard of Oslo municipality in a press release.

Despite the extraordinary laws, at least 11 deer have been killed or bitten to death by loose dogs since 19 January, according to the municipality, which has now sent out a reminder that it is important that the leashing rules are respected.

Dog owners who do not comply with the extraordinary laws may be fined or imprisoned for up to six months according to the dog law.

The extraordinary laws apply up to, but not after, April the 1st,when normal laws apply again.

A number of other municipalities have also introduced extraordinary leashing rules as a result of heavy snow.


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