At least two dead after being taken by a wave in Tenerife

TenerifeTenerife,Photo: Norway Today Media

A tourist and a local resident were killed when they were caught by a giant wave at the coast of the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife. A third person is missing.

Video footage was shown on Spanish television Thursday, shows how a man running along the rocky edge of a sea water pool along the shore, is suddenly being swept out to sea when a giant wave crash over land.

It is not known whether the man depicted in the amateur video is the missing person or one of the two that are found dead.

The accident occurred on Wednesday night in Santiago del Teide. The two that are found dead, is a 35 year old Spaniard resident in Tenerife and a 60-year-old tourist. The nationality of the deceased tourist has not been released yet.

The missing person is said to be a young man, but the police have not yet released any more details.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today