Leila Bayat granted temporary residence in Norway

Iran Sharia AmnestyIllustration.Iranian Justice System. Photo: Amnesty International

Leila Bayat, 37, who was sentenced and whipped in Iran in 2017, has been granted temporary residence in Norway.

This was reported on TV 2 on Wednesday.

In 2009, Bayat sought asylum in Norway on the basis of being prosecuted in Iran. However, she was forced to Iran on the 8th of March 2017.

Bayat was expelled because the Norwegian authorities felt that the sentence of 80 whips in Iran was fake. However, the whips were executed on September the 19th. The following day, TV 2 showed the images of Bayat’s back, and the case raised strong reactions. She returned to Norway on the 13th of October.

The expulsion decision against Bayat was withdrawn by the Immigration Service in February this year.

A temporary residence permit lasts for three years. Bayat can in the meantime apply for permanent residence based on family reunion with her son, who has a residence permit because his father lives in Norway.


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