Liberals mustn’t lose the fight against deposit

Toxic Atomic Waste Kola special waste depositA barrel of Toxic Waste. Photo:

Mustn’t lose the fight against mining deposit in Grenland

The Norwegian Liberal party (Venstre) can’t afford to lose the fight against a deposit in the old mines at Breivik in the Grenland area.

Internally in the Liberal party, a quick clarification is required about a possible mining depot in the old mines in the hamlet of Brevik in Telemark. An issue which some are of the opinion can damage the party. The Liberals are already faced with support from less than 2 per cent of the voters in current polls.

One of those critical to opening up for a mining deposit – is Carl-Erik Grimstad. He is a Member of the Norwegian Parliament representing the Liberals. In an interview with VG, he says that the Liberals should consider leaving the Government – if it is opened up for storing special waste in the old mines.

“This is a matter that we cannot afford to lose,” Grimstad tells Aftenposten. He has previously asked the party leadership, including the Minister of the Environment, Ola Elvestuen, to stop the deposit.

Mining deposit not on the agenda

The issue is not on the agenda during the party’s National Convention in Hell in Trøndelag, but there is no doubt what the party thinks. After the Liberals lost the battle against the landfills in the Førde Fjord and Reppar Fjord, the red line has been reached, according to Aftenposten.

The Deputy Leader of Bamble Venstre, Line Markussen, agrees with Grimstad. Markussen informs the newspaper that if the party loses the case, the Liberals in Grenland may not participate at all, or deliver an alternative list, in the upcoming municipal elections in the autumn.

“We need a decision stating that there will be no mining deposit in Grenland, as soon as possible,” she demands.

Cabinet Minister Elvestuen has the matter under evaluation. The Cabinet Minister does not want to answer directly when the matter will be decided on questions from Aftenposten.