Liberals stay clear of euthanasia

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The National Executive assembly of the Liberal Party U(Venstre) decides against the divided program committee’s wish to ’investigate the possibility to allow euthanasia’.

The last time the Young Liberals proposed to open up for euthanasia, the congress said no. This time the youngsters were more timid and instead suggested that the party should look into the matter. The Program Committee agreed to this, with Abid Raja and Terje Breivik dissenting.

When the National Executive Committee went through 2,500 additional proposals to the program, they did not back euthanasia, Vårt Land writes.

– It was very positive that the national executive committee squashed this motion, although a debate on euthanasia is expected during the congress, parliament member Raja said.

But although it is likely to be debated, the Young Liberals leader thinks it will be hard to progress without the backing of the national board

.- My Optimism is probably somewhat lessened now. But the proposal is to be considered and in this matter the perception of politicians differ from that of the common people. Also, in a country convention hall, the reception can be different from what you think. Therefore, I am still excited about the outcome, Tord Hustveit says.

The National Executive Assembly on the other hand supports the proposal to allow so-called altruistic surrogacy, where a woman gives birth to a child on behalf of a relative or friend. Here, too, Raja and Breivik dissented, but did not get the support of the convention.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today