Unsolvable enigma: “Life after death”

Religion belief life after deathThere are many religions and belief systems in the world. photo: northeastbaptist.org

An enigma that science cannot solve: “Life after death”

There are so many topics that science has not been able to solve. In fact, human knowledge is not able to answer many enigmas, at least for the moment. One of these is the dimension of death. There are many different beliefs regarding this topic. One of these beliefs is reincarnation. Reincarnation is literarily life after death in another body. Follow me in this article to discover what millions of people around the world believe.

According to reincarnation beliefs, life after death entails continuation in a new body. Based on reincarnation, the real manifestation is one, and all beings are a ray of it.  Accordingly, the human soul is a small universe that itself is a ray of God’s soul, and the salvation of man is in liberation from rebirth or reincarnation. Based on this principle, the human soul has entered many different bodies before attaining the level of cultivation and purity he is at in this world. The quality of his current life depends on the man’s behavior and deeds in his previous life – his path to salvation goes through intuition, introversion, and attention to the truth so that he can arrive at the absolute truth. For man, there is no more painful punishment than going to another revolution of the cycle. In general, reincarnation or the transfer of the human soul to another is of four types:

  1. Manuscripts or transmissions of the human soul to other human beings.
  2. Manuscripts or transmissions of the spirit to animals
  3. Manuscripts or transmissions of the soul to plants
  4. Manuscripts or transmissions of the soul to jest



Heaven or hell, reincarnation or what?

There are many beliefs regarding what happens after death. Some people believe in the existence of heaven and hell, and others have no belief in this relationship. Some even believe that the earth is a god, much like a human being and that it buries itself. In my opinion, there is nothing such thing as right or wrong when it comes to religion and belief. Religion and belief are merely useful. They depend on the conditions, geographical location, climate, people, level of culture, the understanding of society and so on.

Beliefs can be “wrong” in some regions and “true” in other places. Just take a moment to bring Hinduistic thought from the Indian subcontinent to the far north. In the cold climates of the north, abstaining from meat can equate death, whereas that is not the case in most parts of India. All beliefs are to be respected. But, as a matter of fact, none are “right” and none “wrong”. As mentioned, they are merely useful. We can see the obvious parallel in athletics. Lionel Messi is, for example, a living soccer legend. But just imagine the world’s best soccer player on a basketball court. It’s hilarious. This is exactly the case with beliefs. Any idea may work in one setting and be totally out of place elsewhere.



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