Limited faith among Norwegians for the future

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Only one in three Norwegians surveyed, believe their lives will be a little or much better in the decade ahead.

At the same time, 23 percent say they believe life will develop in a negative direction, according to a survey Norstat has done for ABC News.

The survey shows that there is most optimism apparent in Oslo, where 42 percent believe in a brighter future, and that families with many children look extra brightly at the next decade.

Professor of Social Economics at NTNU Knut Anton Mork believes three factors affect the Norwegians’ faith in the future, namely climate and climate politics, a political development in which democracies are weakened and a geopolitical development in which great power rivalry increases.

The survey shows that among young people in the 18–29 age group, 61 percent say that they think life will be a little or much better, while 15 percent think it will be worse. Among Norwegians over 60, 8 percent respond positively, while 37 percent believe life will be worse.

1,012 people were asked in the survey “How good a life do you think you will have in the next decade?”

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