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Liquor hidden in tractor tires from Poland

liquor Tractor Tire Svinesund smugglingLiquor in tractor tires, Photo.


Liquor hidden in tractor tires from Poland

423 liters of liquor was hidden for six tractor tires. Smuggling revealed by scanner at Svinesund.


A Polish citizen resident in Hordaland had hidden liquor bottles in tractor tires. The customs officers responded to the behavior of man (34) when they stopped him on the afternoon of May 21.

He was observed by a customs patrol when he drove into Norway on county road 22 at Holtet.

243 litres

When the tires were scanned, the scanner operator saw liquor bottles in the tires. They opened a tire and uncovered 70 liter bottles of vodka in that tire. In total, there were 243 liters of vodka in the six tires.

– We have previously found drugs in car tires, but it is certainly the rarity that tires are used to transport alcohol, says Per Kristian Grandahl, head of the border control at Svinesund.


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