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Listhaug accused of wagging in the Parliament

Sylvi Listhaug waggingSylvi Listhaug (Progress Party).Photo


 Listhaug accused of wagging in the Parliament

Deputy Leader of the Progress Party, Sylvi Listhaug has skipped four out of five meetings in the Health and Care Committee in the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) this autumn. – The wagging is provocative, says Kjersti Toppe (Centre Party).


An overview that the National newspaper, Dagbladet, has been granted access to, shows that Listhaug is the politician who has been absent the most from the committee meetings. This autumn, she has only met at the committee meeting on 8th November.

– It’s provocative when someone does not bother to do the job they are elected by the Norwegian public to do, Kjersti Toppe fumes.

The Member of Parliament for the Centre Party has been on the Health Committee since 2009. She states that she has not experienced anything remotely like this kind of absence before.

– Listhaug is hardly ever present at the committee meetings in the Parliament. She is very visible in the media, but wagging from her designated job. It’s nice to be around and about meeting people, but it’s completely wrong to systematically play hookey from her job in the Parliament, Toppe continues. Toppe emphasizes that the committee meetings are, as a rule, mandatory.

Sylvi Listhaug shrugs the criticism away by informing that Frp usually is represented in the committee and that Kjersti Toppe shouldn’t busy herself with how the Progress Party’s Members of Parliament divvies the work between them. The Frp Deputy also makes it clear that she will continue to travel around.

– I spend my time travelling around to taste the food that the elderly are served, Meet employees and seniors who know what the problems are. In short, to follow up important issues for all those who rely on good elderly care and necessary health services, the former Norwegian Minister of Justice elaborates to til Dagbladet.


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