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Listhaug was on a home visit on Pakistan’s National Day

Minister Sylvi Listhaug visit Lativ family and marks the Pakistan's national day.Strømmen.Minister Sylvi Listhaug visit Lativ family and marks the Pakistan's national day.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Immigration and integration minister Sylvi Listhaug was invited home to a Norwegian-Pakistani family on the occasion of the Pakistani national day Sunday.

-I had been wanting to visit a family that is in Norway and who have been here for many years. I wanted to hear about the kind of challenges they’ve had over the years about the integration, “said Listhaug told news agency NTB.
With the Lativ family in Strommen,  represented by three generations Listhaug was welcomed with  Pakistani food and pleasant conversation.
-I did hear about a family that has  through hard work, built stone on stone to be where they are today, “said Listhaug, who was interested in hearing the family’s experiences and challenges with the integration over the years in Norway.
– This a good example of a family that is well integrated and an example for others. Their message was that it is important to work hard, nothing comes by itself, “said Listhaug.
In the same way as Norwegians abroad like to celebrate 17. in may, she seems it is natural that people with Pakistani backgrounds in Norway are celebrating the Pakistani national day. It was the first time Listhaug  was on such a home visit and  would it be nice with a repetition?
-Absolutely. It was an incredibly nice conversation with the family, “she said.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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