Listhaug pissed off at her own Government

Hege Storhaug Listhaug Human Rights Watch HRSHege Storhaug, Information Officer in HRS .Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Listhaug rages against her own Government

Sylvi Listhaug and several other Frp representatives are upset that the Government wants to cut the support to the Islamic Critics in Human Rights Service (HRS) by half a million.


– Both I and many others in Frp strongly react to cutting out the only organisation that stands for something else than what is politically correct in the immigration and integration field in recent years, says Deputy Leader and former Minister of Justice, Sylvi Listhaug to VG.

Human Rights Service (HRS) has received grants of NOK 1,835,000 in the two previous budgets, writes Filter Nyheter. The Government proposes to cut the subsidy by half a million to NOK 1,350,000 for next year. Filter News has published a list of the organisations that receive grants to work with integration.

The list contains only one other change: The support for the multicultural newspaper Utrop is proposed to increase by half a million. In addition, the newly established organisation, Født Fri (Born Free), whose origin is in the shameless movement, is on the list for the first time with a grant of NOK 5 million.

Criticises Jan Tore Sanner

– It’s both petty and unnecessary by Jan Tore Sanner to cut in the support for Human Rights Service (HRS), Listhaug rages on Twitter.

Jan Tore Sanner is the Norwegian Minister of Integration, Deputy Leader of the Conservatives and one of the party’s most central and profiled politicians. He has not answered the criticism from Frp on Monday.

Listhaug was forced to step down as Minister of Justice after accusing the Labour Party of placing the rights of terrorist before the security of Norway. She did this in a Facebook message. When criticism of Listhaug really took off, was Sanner among the Conservative Politicians who voiced sharp criticism of the specific Facebook message in particular, and against Listhaug’s method of communication in general.

– Minister of Knowledge and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner, seems to dislike this kind of unpleasant knowledge, it is perhaps easiest to censor it?  It’s a method that does not get my support, writes former Minister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen (Progress Party) on Facebook.

– The Government is throwing money at the Leftist’s naïve immigrant organisations while cutting in the support to HRS. It’s a scary and petty attempt to suppress critical voices, he writes.

Listhaug argues that she probably has the entire Parliamentary group backing her when she announces to fight against the proposed cut.

HRS: Embarrassing for Frp

Rita Karlsen is the CEO of HRS, which for many years has fronted Hege Storhaug as a controversial spokesperson. Storhaug is (in)famous for her strongly Islam-critical blog. In a post on their website, HRS writes: – It shows what power the Conservatives yields to the Liberal Party, and how cowardly the Progress Party is. It comes at a cost to be honest, whichever Government is in power.

– This is primarily embarrassing to the Progress Party (Frp). it is the HRS who has been responsible for forming their policies. They have achieved too little and sell themselves to cheap. But it probably had been even worse without them, Karlsen says to Medier24.

The spokesperson for immigration in Frp’s parliamentary group, Jon Helgheim, believes Karlsen is mostly correct in his assessment.

– This cut came as a surprise to me. There is a vast number of state-supported organisations fighting for a liberal and irresponsible immigration policy. There is only one that works to balance it all. It is completely wrong to reduce their support, we were not informed in advance. But we do not give up that easily and I will demand a response from the Cabinet Minister, justifying why it is proposed to remove the support, he tells Medier24.


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