Listhaug pleased with Swedish immigration debate

Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Sylvi ListhaugArendal.Ketil Solvik-Olsen and Sylvi Listhaug from Progress Party:Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

“I am very pleased that immigration is the most important issue in the Swedish election campaign,” said Fremskrittspartiet’s (Frp’s) Sylvi Listhaug.


After all the sole speakers, the Frp’s incumbent deputy, entered the scene during the party’s time in Arendal on Wednesday.

She spent much time on Swedish conditions like the condition of Norwegian elderly care.

Must tighten

“I am very pleased that immigration is the most important issue in the Swedish election campaign. Sweden has to tighten-up its laws’’, Listhaug said, paying her own party the honour that it was not as badly set in here Norway.

“We must continue to call a spade a spade,” she declared in a familiar style.At the same time, she said there is no reason to rejoice that she is “back”.

“I’ve been here all the time,” Listhaug noted.

Headless politics
In ten minutes, she delivered a kick to both the Arbeiderparti’s (Ap) leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, the Swedish Social Democrat Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, and his
predecessor,Fredrik Reinfeldt, whom she believes should excuse herself for having a “headless immigration policy”.

The last seven minutes were devoted to what she had as a workplace in Parliament,
namely health and care.

“Getting back the kitchen and the smell of food in hospitals will be a priority issue in the election campaign next year,” said Listhaug.

Close out property tax

She also promised that Frp will deal with property tax in municipalities where they come to power.

Asked if she promises to remove or just reduce property tax, Listhaug answered that “it must be the goal” to remove it completely.

“Local politicians must prioritise what I can not stand and promise on their behalf,” she told NTB news.

The national conference is sovereign

Listhaug rejects that it is agreed that she will be the new first deputy head.

‘’It will be decided at the Central Board meeting in September. But I have said that I will make myself available if the party wants it,” said the politician.

Nor does she agree that the process of voting for a deputy leads the way in the country’s election next year.

“The national conference is sovereign,” she said.

In honour of the photographers, the supposed new deputy leader duo talked in front of Frp’s party HQ.

However, 2nd Deputy Chairman, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, was little interested in commenting on Per Sandberg’s departure or Sylvi Listhaug’s intended entry as first deputy. Not even in the discussion of whether it is appropriate to appoint a deputy, instead of waiting for the ordinary election at the national conference next year, where he will give his opinion.

“I have no comment, but should one have given a comment, Sylvi Listhaug is a good candidate,” said Solvik-Olsen.


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