Listhaug promises to kick back in Storting

Sylvi ListhaugSylvi Listhaug.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

At the same time as the Frp promises Sylvi Listhaug a prominent position in  Parliament, the departed Minister of Justice comes with the following promise: Do will not be muffled in the corridors.


“When I leave, I promise not to be silenced in Storting. I’m now going to concentrate a hundred percent on fronting politicies with my good parliamentary collegues, Listhaug wrote on Facebook when she announced her departure.

“I do not accept to be  forced into silence, she wrote in a  followed up.

It is currently unclear which post Listhaug will get at the Storting, and Frp informs NTB that she will not meet in Storting this week.

“She will have a prominent place in our parliamentary group,” said the Progress Party’s parliamentary leader Hans Andreas Limi.

At the same time, several sources at VG say Listhaug is unlikely to take over Limi’s job.

Per Sandberg, Frp deputy leadre, will take over as acting Minister of Justice.

Relief and fear
Tuesday culminated in the political drama where Listhaug had to resign as minister, but  Frp will remain in government. This created relief in the Non-socialist camp, also with many Frp followers.

But  the more moderate part of the Frp,  expresses concern at the same time. A Sylvi Listhaug with free reins in Parliament could increase the distance between a Frp in government and a Frp in  Parliament, it is said.

The fear of a political existence in constant split  posiiton, with all the pain that is associated with such, makes the relief of some of the Frp’s somewhat diminished in character. At the very least, there will  not be any less dual communication after this, is being overheard.

Listhaug, according to  NTB, can not go from the post of Miniter of Justice to the Justice committee. However, the Local Government  and Management committee, which addresses issues of immigration and integration, is not ruled out.

Violent debate
The noise around Listhaug’s Facebooke mail led the Solberg government on the verge of collapse. But late Monday evening, Listhaug alerted the Primeminiter and her own party leader, Siv Jensen, that she wanted to resign.

“We were ready to leave the Government in response to a vote of No Confidence. It was not appropriate for our part to surrender to the demand from Ap and KrF to replace Sylvi Listhaug, “says Jensen.

But Solberg escaped, and KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide could also say that he got what he wanted: Listhaug has gone from Government, but Solberg continues as prime minister. The KrF was also relieved of the burden by having to consider a cabinet challenge in  Storting.

“We did not have to make a final decision regrading that question,” Hareide told NTB.

Open for return
Observers have argued that Listhaug, with her appearance in the heated battle around the Facebook post, has weakened the authority of the prime minister. Opposition believes Solberg should have solved the issue by taking hold of Listhaug much earlier in the process.

On Tuesday, Solberg took the floor for a more constructive debate climate for the future. She disagreed with Listhaug’s characteristic of Norwegian politics as a “Kindergarten”, but also took the controversial Frp politician in defense.

“This is not an obstacle to her when it comes to returning as a government minister later on  in this government,” said Solberg.

In the controversial Facebook post, Listhaug wrote that Ap is more concerned with the rights of terrorists than by the nation’s security. The post was deleted after five days of massive criticism, and both Solberg and Listhaug finally apologized for the post being posted.


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