Listhaug want thorough check of asylum seekers phones

Sylvi ListhaugImmigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug.Photo: Ole Martin Wold / NTB scanpix

Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug will open case for checking asylum seekers’ phones and PCs to determine whether they are a security threat.

She and the government proposes according to ABC News that there should be established a legal basis in the Immigration Act and Immigration Regulations that allows police to examine asylum seekers’ mobile and computers to uncover more information than they can today.

From before the police can investigate these assets to identify foreigner’s identity.

-We Want the police to carry out investigations to identify matters that may affect whether the applicant could pose a security threat, says Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug.

The minister, who will soon go out on maternity leave, think this should be used to get information about the itinerary and other information relevant to the assessment of asylum applications.

In addition, she found that the surveys should be able to uncover information about human trafficking or -smuggling.

She gets support from Ministry of Justice, which in a new offer proposes that the visitation should be undertaken as a routine examination.

Several other European countries, including Germany, have also proposed measures to make sure to get to the bottom of the identity of asylum seekers when immigration authorities are uncertain.

Prime Minister Angela Merkel and her government will open for faster transmission of rejected asylum seekers through the asylum seekers’ mobile phones and other digital devices in order to determine the identity and origin when investigators say they have lost identity papers.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today