Listhaug warns Eritreans against travel to Eritrea

Sylvi ListhaugMinister of Immigration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug .Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

When the regime in Eritrea this month marks 25 years, many Norwegian-Eritreans will travel to Eritrea to celebrate. Those who leaves is taking the risk of punishment, warns immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug

In May there is expected thousands of Eritreans from Europe who will travel to Asmara, the Eritrean capitol, NRK reported. They go to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a regime that the UN believes is one of the worst in terms of human rights.
Woldab Feshatzion, leader of Eritrean Community Association, believes part Norwegian-Eritreans will travel down to celebrate the regime.
– I think that some Norwegian-Eritreans who have been granted protection in Norway, will go down. I do not wonder, he says.
Eritreans who arrived as refugees and not Norwegian citizens, are not allowed to go to their home country. It is contrary to the criteria for being granted asylum.
– It is clear that once say they have fled a regime and seeking protection in Norway, then travel down to salute the same regime, then there is reason to look into this, says Listhaug NRK .
Norwegian immigration authorities will monitor which Norwegian Eritreans traveling.
– This will be the information that will be interesting for the immigration authorities to look into. So what I expect of course that they do, says Listhaug.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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  1. yes exactly I am eritrean many peoples from my country they asked asylum seekers in different countries in Europe they escaped from dictator regime in Europe they got permit residence or grant but some of them they are supporting the dictatorial regime collection currency income to the government they travel to Eritrea not direct indirect they are travel to Sudan after they are inter to Eritrea Europe must be known they should be take measure punishment about this we suffer by dictatorial regime some ugly peoples dance with foolish government drinking our blood selling just slave our innocent peoples put in prison without justice our relatives they couldn’t see them Europe countries must be attention about betraying animals peoples they play jokes in your zone

    • for all we know you could be Ethiopian !!!!!!!!!!!!!! for that reason you will not be allowed to come to ERITREA !!!!

  2. Sooner or later Eritreans will leave ur country for ever so don’t worry

  3. Eritreans are not celebrating a regime, but they are celebrating their independence. May 24th is Eritrean Independence Day. So every African, South American, and European country in the world is allowed to celebrate their independence day except for Eritreans?

  4. If people of eritrea genuienly love their president, they should demand free elections and vote for him.
    If not – move back to eritrea and let your “dictator” run the country as he pleases.

  5. wedinakfa | 4. May 2016 at 05:05 |

    How low can you go, clear manifestation of wet’s political and moral degradation, are we not told Eritrean should not be deported but now you are warning who ever goes to Eritrea will be punished, Minister tell us you have run out how to bring a proud black nation and this shows how feeble woman you are!!

  6. I’m happy to celebrate my Norwegian National Day – 17th of may. I’m also one of 1000’s of erittrean-Norwegians traveling to Eritrea to celebrate 25th Silver jubilee of Eritrean Independence May 24th. This is Human Right – No one should try to stopp from exercising my Basic Human Right.

  7. Do you not call yourself a democratic one. I admit the path is not smooth. However, this is dictatorship. You are the dictators not the government in Eritrea. Minister tell us you have run out how to bring a proud black nation and this shows how feeble woman you are!

  8. In our culture we have a saying “say the truth and sleep in the train-truck”.It means if you say what you would say then you do not mind even if you die.
    some poeple may wonder why the Norwegian minister is saying this ,but the Answer is clear and simple,she is doing this to spread fear and anxiety among the Eritrean society residing in the country.Last time the government of Norway imposed travel bane to Eritreans not to travel to Sudan and Ethiopia.And the pretext they used to implement this plan was that “the Eritreans are travelling to their home land via this two mentioned countries”.But the fact is that it is impossible to any one to travel back to Eritrea through this borders,spesially between the borders of Ethiopia and Eritrea .The whole border line is heavily gaurded by haevily equipped militaries of both countries.So is it possible for a civilian poeple to cross this dangerous border?The government of norwey know this ,but the aim is to spread fear and stress among the concerned gruppes.The information ,about the border crossing to Eritrea, was given by some individuals and surprisingly the government decided to block the journey of Eritreans to this two countries immediately without a thorough investigation to the to the case.As a government they should have done some assesment first then they could act,for sure they do not have even one single case which can assure that eritreans crossed the border from Ethiopia to Eritrea.And what they are doing now is ,they are creating another excuse to tighten the life of this victimised group.But here what I would mention is that ,if there are Eritrean who do so ,they should be punished without mercy,but the question is do they really did so?
    The only word in the mouth of the Norwegian minister is ,how to tighten the life of the the vurnellable poeple.

  9. WEDINAKFA | 5. May 2016 at 02:05 |


  10. Hi….

    Point 1 .
    First and for most May 24 is not “the regime in Eritrea this month marks 25 years” May 24 2016 is 25 years independence jubilee for The stat of Eritrea period.

    weather you like it or No, when you come the Independence issue of The stat of Eritrea, we have no any difference with the regime and even we can celebrate with any one who resect our Independence.

    Point 2.
    Listhaug as a minster have no any mandate to stop from travel Norwegian-Eritrean to their home land. As Norway giving the Nationality to Eritreans as double nationality, Norwegian-Eritreans have a duty for both countries.

    Point 3.
    Norwegian-Eritreans traveling to Eritrea by their own responsibilities, they did not asked Norway any diplomatic assistance. Because Norway said to the Norwegian – Eritreans double nationality.

    Point 4.
    As your comment in the News you pressuring the Eritreans to break a bond from their country, family and people. This is ridiculous to hear from a Minster.

    By these points , you are abusing a power you have as a minster. Because you are marginalizing the ethical Norwegian and Norwegian citizens of other origin.

    I would like you to do ASAP.

    1. To come again to media and apology for the mistake you done, and investigate the
    wrong info you get to this decision. If Not:-
    2. I would like to ask you to resign from your post ASAP.

    Best regards

  11. Danielle Gebremariam | 22. May 2016 at 13:23 |

    WediNakfa : you seem to have studid in one of hgdf schools , to begin with you have no idea about the Norwegian history – not only are the Norwegians anti-Nazi but in 1940th Norwegian Hero’s fought Hitler’s Heavy Water production in the southern of Norway,and at times its called Deuterium dioxide D2O as differ from H2O, used as Neuclear moderator in the technology of Neuclear Bomb, and Saved the whole Europe from a certain devastation if the Nazi’s had two or more month . so try to make sense the next time around ….

  12. Beshir Muhsin | 21. September 2016 at 10:16 |

    Any Eritrean who is a genuine asylum seeker and has been granted Norwegian citizenship cant go to Eritrea until the brutal regime is removed. But here in Europe and specifically in Norway we see many pseudo refugees travelling to Eritrea to pledge allegiance to the evil regime. some of them go there to buy a house or have fun while they under a social welfare program. This is totally unacceptable and UDI must try to monitor this fraudsters. What is worse, these guys do not have a culture of tolerance and do not follow democratic ethics and try to obfuscate the regime’s opponents here in Norway. They act as spies for the regime and create discord inside the orthodox church. This have been their routine for the last ten years. One can remember how they misappropriated church money and they paid more than 2 million kroner as a penalty. I wonder how one who is living in a democratic state can support a brutal dictatorial regime? He must be a lunatic!

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