Listhaug will make it easier to expel mentally ill

Sylvi ListhaugSylvi Listhaug (Progress Party). Photo: Progress Party

Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party) will make it easier to deport mentally/psychologically ill persons who have committed serious crimes in Norway.


This will be done through a regulatory amendment that will enter into effect on 1 September.

The immigration minister says the change is necessary.

“I think most people find it unfair that people are allowed to stay in Norway after end of their restitution when they could have been sent out in practice, and we should send them out,” Listhaug told NRK.

The change applies to persons who are convicted for imprisonment and/or institutionalized (forced mental health care).

In the past, courts had to decide whether the person should be deported as punishment of a sentence. Now its opened that the deportation decision can be postponed for up to one year after the completion of the sentence or treatment has been terminated.

“It’s not right, since it is hard to you prove that people have changed (after being in prison or in a mental institution). If that’s correct, I think we should be able to do it, “said Listhaug.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today